Blind senses

24 06 2008

In this darkness

My positive power

is gone, It is blindness

And I’m not seeing the shadow’s tower.


I think this thing touchable

is my protection for fear…

… for something terrible

Be careful , my dear! AhAhAh!


It’s a termless world

with desires and temptations

But be careful with this ilusion.

It’s a spooky pleasure and I have a suffocation!



Pleasure, my dear

Fusion of senses

Don’t have fear…

The dark sensuality

is on my mind!



Spooky blindness…

I’m blind about you

Blind senses…

I try to hold you

in my sorcery but I have pity.

Well, I go on in my blindness

about you!


But somethig is coming…

After my blindness

the scene is other…

Our love is changed in this darkness…!


So, our fight is over!

I don’t want to know what other people think…

I need your blood and power…

I need you and I feel we have many things……


in common

Our vice in the dark

Our vice in power

Our vice in music and art

But too in other things for our dark pleasure…!





Turn off the light

And feel everything tonight

We’re dark

but we have feels, that’s right!

The shadows will come

but now we have fun!

So, dark feelings and senses

get hold of our minds

and that feelings are

amazing and so burning!

They are our secret dark sensibility!

And our night was wonderful…









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