The Past Came Back

23 06 2008

killing hearts

The purity is gone

The storm transported

Our last purity font…

The beautiful minds!


It is shocking…

The perfect shadow shine out

The lost spirits awaking

The disorder starts!


The shivering in my neck

Something shivery will break

But one shifty looking

wakes me up ’cause that’s tiring.



And the light is gone…

The dark count

Command the world alone!

And He ties down

our powers!



And the past came back

The dark trees, the shadow of the sun

And the past came back

The night remained

The shadows shade the night

The past came back

The lord of blood is on my mind!


In the castle

The perfect princess…

The Lord lay hold on of the world quickly

And the world wake up for this abstersiveness

His power is ageless!



Does the delights of the vampires

But the perfect storm

is in first place of their fears…AhAhAh…






This agressiveness

Put me up

And now

The teeth very sharpened

of that man…

He’s… thirsty for blood

He’s… sexy

He’s the lord and the broken-hearts

The most interesting man…

But terrible…

He’s the conqueror!







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