Just One Time

23 06 2008

Leave me alone

Start up to be inteligent

And think that you found

It’s not your torment!


In dark atmosphere

Our world kills

Our mistakes and you prefer

Envolve our skills!


And I just think in my way

My way of thinking

I need to take the subway

Because we have many things to make!



And just this is the beginning

Because it has many things

With many consequences for our love

Deceiving my feelings!



Just one time

I feel what I want

Just one time

I have much fun

But just this time

I close the door

It’s over!


Good luck

In this cruel world

Don’t forget to call up

Your protectors of storm!


This obscure idea

It’s cause for your mishievousness

If you want to do a deal

That is a miraculoussness


Because your soul is dead

You don’t have feels!

It’s a very miscellaneous

pain, but momentous!





It’s over

Yes, It’s that you heard!

You are a monster

And I have fear!

You just come from a obscure world

A place with thorns

A dark place where blood

is food!

You are darkness!!






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